We offer worldwide shipping starting from 1.99 USD. The delivery cost depends on a few factors such as:
- order value
- destination
- package size and weight
The final shipping rate is being calculated on checkout.

We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations.

Your shipping/delivery time can vary from 10 to 30 days. In some rare cases, the delivery time might rich up to 60 days. The final shipping time might be impacted by miscellaneous factors such as: 
- the availability of ordered items,
- the destination of the shipment,
- logistic delay,
- other unforeseen circumstances.

Please note that important international holidays, force majeure, etc. may also impact the delivery time of your shipment.

Your purchase is protected by our guarantee until you receive it. In case it is lost or damaged during delivery - we will send the item(s) you've ordered once again, or give a refund. 

If you order multiple items they might be delivered to you separately.

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