Telescopic Dildo Vibrator for Women / Automatic Up Down Vagina Massager / Retractable Vaginal Toy
Telescopic Dildo Vibrator for Women Features: - This is not only a retractable dildo; its head is detachable to replace other parts to achieve multifunctional use. - The strong base can be fixed anywhere you want. - 32 modes, LED screen operation, simple...
HISMITH 25-26cm Lifelike Silicone Black Dildos Blades with Keel for Hismith Sex Machines
Kliclok Silicone Black Dildos Blades  Attachment for Hismith Premium Sex machine! This lifelike dildo is full of temptation to women. The spherical glans penis can touch women's most sensitive area, let them get off, the realistic color of the skin is...
HISMITH Premium Sex Machine Table Top 2.0 with KlicLok Connector System
Sex Machine HISMITH Table Top 2.0  PRODUCT PARAMETERS:Power Input: 100V-240V 2.5AOutput: DC 24V-5AMotor Power: 48WNoise: 30~50 dbDildo Connector type: KlicLok® systemThrust Speed: 250 strokes/minuteStroke length: 5 ~ 13cm (Approx:1.96~5.12)Adjusting Angle: About-15 ~+ 15 degree7.1"Dildo Size: 6.7” insert-able length, 1.38" diameter ...
from $479.99
HISMITH Rechargeable Programmable Sex Machine / Portable Fucking Machine Capsule for Adults
Portable SEX Machine  - Compact but powerful: Perfect size for handhold and carry, plus provides 370 RPM powerful penetration, spice your sexual life up.- Rechargeable: Lasts for 60 minutes after 2 hours charging, enjoy the pleasure anytime, anywhere and say goodbye...
HISMITH Pro Traveler 2.0 Mini Sex Machine / App Remote Control KlicLok Sex Machine Gun with Suction Cup and Silicone Dildo
App Remote Control Sex Machine Gun  - REMOTE CONTROL: Portable thrusting sex machine with remote control for endless hands-free pleasure.- POWERFUL SUCTION CUP: Sturdy suction cup base sticks to most flat surfaces.- N-CHARGE MOTOR: Powered by 24V/2A certificated power supply,...
Adult Sex Machine For Masturbation / Super Quiet and Ultra Stable Support 2 People Sex Machine
Adult Sex Machine For Masturbation  Sex Machine Mechanical InformationElectrical Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz Suitable for any country in the worldMotor Type: Turbo Gear Motor, Continuous DutyMotor Specs: 24V DC 5-6AStroke Length: 3-15 cmInfinite Speed: 4-5 Strokes per secondTorque: 30kgcm / 3NmSound:...
from $308.99
Automatic Thrusting Vibrator with Suction Cup / Hands-Free Heating Realistic Dildo / Adult Sex Toys
Automatic Thrusting Vibrator  Features: - Strong Retraction - 3cm/1.18inch - Smart Heating 42°C/107.6°F(Style 1); 38°C/100.4°F(Style 2) It's an automatic sex machine; the dildo can also detach from the base and be used on its own. It has 7 different patterns plus a special...
from $68.99

Top 3 Sex Machines for Women

What can you do to supercharge your love life? The most important sex organ is not in between your legs but the one between your ears. Get that right, and you're well on your way to supercharging your love life. How do I go about getting the biggest sex organ right? Feed it. The more you feed the brain, the more responsive it becomes. It's overwhelming to look for sex machines for women. But don't worry, from all the information, budget, luxury, tips, EvesSecrets has got you covered with a sex machine to suit you. Whether you're buying it for masturbation or seeing your partner moan with deep penetrations, a sex machine can do the job for you in the privacy of your bedroom. Keep reading, and you'll discover how.

Sex Machines Toys You Can Try

  1. Portable Thrusting Sex Machine with Remote Control

The machine is perfect for those who always look for something a little wild wherever they are. It's an excellent toy for vaginal or anal penetration. Mount the dildo to over 120-degree rotation and use the remote control to find your preferred speed and depth of strokes. You can switch it up from slow and easy to deep intense thrusting with three different speed settings. The best thing about this toy is that your partner doesn't need to miss out on the fun. The remote control is wireless and can be used from up to 10 meters away, so you can turn the reins over to your partner and let them decide how fast or slow to go. You get a great penetration experience, and they get to see you take the ride. 

  1. Hismith Table Top Sex-Machine

With a maximum of 250 strokes/minute, this sex machine can turn you nuts. Featuring multi-angle adjustment, it can provide any intercourse position from lying, kneeling, squatting, sitting to standing, allowing you to explore the various position ideas which suit your comfort level. The best part about this machine is that it's lightweight yet stable even when running at high speed.

  1. People Sex Machine

Anyone in a variety of ways can use it. From 2 women sex play to 1 man and one woman sex play. All thanks to its two-pole support. Best part? It's super quiet even with such powerful motors and provides ultra-stable support. As far as sex toys go, it is one of the most sophisticated.

Some tips on Dildo Sex Machines

Always ensure to apply lube with your sex machine. Unlike a companion, a machine cannot know when to stop or reapply the lubricant, so use judgments to take a break and apply lube. Sex machines produce sound (when running at a higher speed), so be concerned if you live with housemates or family! Make sure to clean your sex machine after using it, uncleanliness may result in unwanted reactions, plus personal hygiene is never a bad thing. You can now shop for a sex machine that suits your need from our store here

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