Glass Dildo for Men and Women / Anal Sex Toys for Masturbation - Style A
Glass Dildo for Masturbation Sizes:Style A: 1.6*3.2*1.7*17cm/0.63*1.26*0.67*6.69inch Style B: 2*3.5*2.1*17.5cm/0.79*1.38*0.83*6.89inch Style C: 2.5*4*2.6*18cm/0.98*1.57*1.02*7.09inch Style D: 3*4.3*3*18.5cm/1.18*1.69*1.18*7.28inch  Applicable People: For Men and Women  Material: Glass 
from $32.99
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  • Style D
Glass Butt Dildo for Adult / Sex Toys for Anal Masturbation - Syle A
Sex Toys for Anal Masturbation This product is made of glass. We use safe material, you can use it without any worry. And it is a sex toy, which will bring different stimulation and pleasure, making your life more passionate...
from $30.99
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  • Black Style A
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Glass Anal Plug for Women / Adult Anal Sex Toys - Pink Style A
from $31.99
Glass Anal Plug for Women / Adult Anal Sex Toys - Pink Style A
Adult Anal Sex Toys Item size:A style: 16*2.6cm (6.3*1inch) B style: 17*3.2cm (6.6*1.2inch) C style: 20*3.2cm (7.87*1.2inch)  Applicable People: For Men and Women  Material: Glass Color: Pink, Black 
from $31.99
  • Pink Style A
  • Pink Style B
  • Pink Style C
  • Black Style A
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Crystal Glass Butt Plug / Adult Sex Toy / Dildos for Masturbation - Green
Crystal Glass Butt Plug Features: - Waterproof and easy to clean - Can be used as anal plug, vagina plug - Unisex, the best choice for advanced players - Glass Dildo is characterized by its safety, elegance, and exquisite statues, especially since it has...
  • Green
  • Pink
Vegetable Style Anal Plug / Unisex Glass Sex Toys For Vaginal And Prostate Masturbation
Vegetable Style Anal Plug Specification: - three size options - high-quality smooth material - bright design  Applicable People: For Men and Women Material: Glass Item Type: Anal Plug Color: Transparent 
from $17.99
Anal Double Sided Special Hippocampus Glass Dildo / Stimulation Adult Anal Plug
Double-Sided Glass Dildo.  Features:- Borosilicate glass quality material. - Waterproof. - Superior hygienic material is safe for all allergies and compatible with lubricants. - Realistic shape and feel with added texture elements.  Applicable People: For Women Material: Glass Item Type: Anal Sex Toys 
from $14.99
Pink Transparent Beaded Anal Dildo with Heart Design / Waterproof Glass Sex Toy
Glass Beaded Dildo  Features: - Made of non-toxic and skin-friendly glass. - Recommend the use of lubricating oil before using. - Clean it before and after use. Increase the fun during the sexual game! Make your sex life more diverse! A great gift for yourself or your lover! ...
Blue Pyrex Glass Beaded Dildo for Vaginal G-Spot and Anal Stimulation
Glass Beaded Dildo  Once your eyes are open to the pleasure of glass dildos, you'll never look at a window the same way again. Beautifully crafted for fulfilling sensations, begin with the sleekly curved and bulbed end and build your...
Seahorse Design Glass G-Spot Dildo with Relief Surface / Vaginal and Anal Sex Toys
Seahorse Design Glass Dildo.  Features:- Borosilicate glass. - Waterproof. - Superior hygienic material is safe for all allergies and compatible with lubricants. - Realistic shape and feel with added texture elements. - The material heats up or cools down easily for added sensation.  Applicable...
Glass Anal Plug Fruits and Vegs Masturbation Sex Toys / G-Spot Prostate Massager of Erotic Toys
Fruits and Vegs Masturbation Sex Toys  - Glass material, easy to clean. - Stimulating butt plug is a smooth yet sensually textured toy designed for pure anal pleasure.  Applicable People: For Men and Women "Cucumber" Size: 20 x 2.7cm/7.87 x 1.06inch "Luffa" Size: 20...
from $12.99
Unisex Glass Dildo Masturbator / Adult Crystal Fake Penis / Glass Anal Sex Toy - Blue
Unisex Glass Dildo Masturbator Privacy Guaranteed: Your privacy is the utmost importance to us. The default name on the package is "Silicone bottle"(any other requirements, please send us a message), and with our discreet packaging you can shop in confidence, the...
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Transparent
Glass Anal Dildos / Unisex Multicolor Dildo Masturbator / Adult Sex Toys
Glass Anal Dildo  Features: - Discreet package to protect your privacy. - Unique shape for your pleasure. - The product is waterproof. - Hypoallergenic safe material.  Applicable People: For Women and Men Commodity Quality Certification: CE Material: Borosilicate Glass (Pyrex Glass) Item Type: Dildos Size: 20*2.7cm/7.87*1.06inch 
from $27.99
Large Glass Crystal Dildo Penis for Women / Adult Anal Sex Toy / Glass Female Masturbation - Transparent
Glass Crystal Dildo Penis for Women Features: - Great Glass Dildo for you and your partner. It can be as anus bead, also can be Anal Plug. - The special shape design for G-spot stimulation. - This Product are waterproof, hypoallergenic, nonporous and...
from $27.99
  • Transparent
  • Transparent with Box
Beaded Glass Dildos / Vaginal Anal Sex Toys for Women and Men
Beaded Glass Dildos  Features: - safe quality material - original beaded shape designed for your enjoyment - bullet vibrator option in addition Note: The bullet vibrator is powered by 2*AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)  Applicable People: For Men and Women Commodity Quality Certification: CE Material: Borosilicate Glass Dildo Total Length: 20.8cm...
from $20.99
Pyrex Glass Dildo Butt Plug with Vibrator / Anal Heart Crystal Glass Dildo / Sex Toys For Women
Glass Dildo Butt Plug with Vibrator.  Features:  - Powered by 2*AAABattery (not included). - Full body waterproof. - 10 vibration modes. - High-quality colour plating ( not just a toy, it's a piece of art).  Applicable People: For Women  Sexually Suggestive: No Obscene Picture: No Material: Glass Item Type: Dildos 
from $16.99
Women's Classic Dildo with Zebra Pattern / Adult Crystal Glass Masturbator
Adult Crystal Glass Masturbator Features:- Smooth and Comfortable - Can be Heated or Frozen - Hypoallergenic, nonporous, ultra-smooth - Non-toxic and Tasteless - Easy to clean - No Friction, Not Friable  Applicable People: For Women  Item Type: Dildos Material: Glass Obscene Picture: No Sexually Suggestive: No Size: 21*3.3cm 
Large Waterproof Vaginal Massager / Adult Anal Glass Dildo / Sex Toy Penis
Adult Anal Glass Dildo Feature:- For Couples- Safety and Secrecy Packaging- Length 18cm Applicable People: For Men and Women  Item Type: Dildos Sexually Suggestive: No Material: Glass Obscene Picture: No 
Waterproof Crystal Glass Anal Plug Dildos / Adult Anal Butt Plug / Sex Toy for Gift
Glass Anal Plug Dildos Features: - 100% Brand new, Scientific design of anus massager. - Crystal Glass Anal Plug is safe, luxurious, new, extremely keen. - Especially no silicone smell, clean and convenient but also can be used heated or frozen ice water...
Glass Dildo with 10-Speed Vibrator / Adult Sex Toys
Glass Dildo with 10-Speed Vibrator  - Bullet vibrator - 10 vibration modes - Safe materials - High-quality color plating    Applicable People: For Women Commodity Quality Certification: CE Material: Borosilicate Glass 
from $18.99
Waterproof Multi-Speed Glass Vibrator / Vaginal Dildo Massager / Adult Sex Toys
Multi-Speed Glass Vibrator  Features:Made of high-quality high borosilicate glass material, waterproof, high and low temperature resistant. The smooth surface design provides you with the most relaxed experience. Give yourself the variety and options to please yourself or that special lover with the...

Glass Dildos: A Beginner's Guide To Sensational Pleasure

Dildos have been used for centuries to increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Over time, technology and materials have improved, resulting in more fun and safer toys. One such advancement is the glass dildo. A glass dildo is a glass toy used to stimulate sexual pleasure in the body. Glass dildo vibrators come in an array of sizes, shapes and colours, making them an ideal addition to any toy collection. In this article, we will investigate the benefits of glass dildos, how to handle them and where to buy them.

What is a Glass Dildo? 

A glass dildo is a type of glass sex toy. It is designed to stimulate pleasure and offer the user a unique experience. Glass dildo vibrators are often made from toughened borosilicate glass, which is non-porous and hypoallergenic. This material is also thermal shock resistant, meaning it can be heated or cooled to create different sensations during use. Glass dildos are also known for their aesthetic appeal as they come in a variety of colours and forms that are visually appealing.

Benefits of Glass Dildos

There are a number of conceivable advantages to utilising a glass dildo vibrator, some of which include the following:

  1. Durability - Glass dildos are incredibly durable and are unlikely to break or crack during use. This durability makes them an excellent investment for anyone looking for a long-lasting toy.
  2. Hygiene - Glass dildos are non-porous, which means that they do not absorb bacteria or other microorganisms. This feature makes them easy to clean and sanitise, making them a hygienic choice.
  3. Versatility - Glass dildos can be used for both vaginal and anal play, offering versatility to the user.
  4. Temperature Play - Glass dildos can be heated or cooled to give different sensations during use. This trait makes them ideal for playing with temperature, which can increase sexual pleasure.
  5. Aesthetics – Glass dildos are visually appealing and come in a variety of colours and shapes that can enhance the user experience.

How to Use a Glass Dildo

Using a glass sex toy is straightforward. Before employing it, make sure that the dildo is spotless and without any cracks or pieces. Additionally, utilising a water-based lubricant is critical to forestall any uneasiness during utilisation. Here are the means to take when utilizing a glass dildo:

  1. Apply lubricant: Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the dildo to make insertion comfortable.
  2. Insert the dildo: Slowly insert the dildo into the vagina or anus, depending on the user's preference. Take your time and listen to your body to guarantee that you do not experience any discomfort during use.
  3. Experiment with different positions: Glass dildos can be used in different positions to enhance pleasure. Test with different positions to find what works best for you.
  4. Clean the dildo: After use, you should clean the dildo with warm water and soap. And don`t forget to make sure that it is dry before storing it in a safe place.

Where to Buy Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are available in most sex toy shops and online stores. One of the best places to buy glass dildos is Eve's Secrets, an online store specialising in adult toys. The store carries an extensive selection of glass dildos in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, granting customers many choices to find the toy that best matches their desires. Additionally, the store boasts competitive prices, making it a relatively inexpensive option for those interested in purchasing a glass dildo.

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